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End Game Tackle Company

Deep Drop Tilefish Rig, 5 Mustad Circle Hooks with Glow Sleeve (10/0)

Deep Drop Tilefish Rig, 5 Mustad Circle Hooks with Glow Sleeve (10/0)

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End Game Tackle Deep Drop Rig

Whats in the package?
1 Deep Drop Rig with 5 Hooks

What can I expect to catch with this rig?
The deep drop rig come with Mustad circle hooks. The 10/0 circle hook is an ideal size hook for various snapper species from 2-5lb, including Yellow eye snapper, Black Snapper, Vermillion snapper, Silk Snapper, Red Snapper. This style of deep drop rig is commonly referred to as a chicken rig. If you are targeting larger snapper, such as queen snapper or even grouper or tilefish, you will want to move up to the 12/0 size. Looking for a different style rig? Just search End Game Tackle Deep Drop Rig in the search bar.

How do I use these deep drop fishing rigs?
The top of each rig has a 255lb barrel swivel that is meant to attach to your mainline. It can be tied directly to the mainline, or you can use a coastlock snap swivel to attach your rig, which will also allow you to clip on a deep drop light.
Each hook should be baited with fresh bait, such as a piece of squid or cutbait.
The 225lb coastlock snap at the bottom of the rig is for attaching your weight.
You do not need an electric fishing reel for deep drop fishing, but it certainly helps when bringing up 3-5 pound deep drop fishing weights.
Rinse your deep drop rig with fresh water after use and hang it up to dry.

About End Game Tackle Company
We only use quality components and source American made products whenever possible. All of our deep drop rigs are build by hand on a calibrated, commercial grade bench crimper to ensure all of our crimps to not pull or slip under pressure. Our leader material is made in the USA, as well as our barrel swivel and coastlock snaps. We stand behind our products 100%. If you have any questions or concerns with your experience, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will make it right
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