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Harmony Fishing - Tungsten Flipping Weights (1/4 oz (6 Pack))

Harmony Fishing - Tungsten Flipping Weights (1/4 oz (6 Pack))

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Whether you're fishing for largemouth bass, smallmouth, or other predator fish; winter, spring, summer, or fall, there is an application for Harmony's Tungsten Flipping Weights. Professional anglers have already made the switch to tungsten weights from older lead sinkers. Finally, quality Tungsten weights are affordable enough to allow the casual angler to fish these superior tungsten weights.

Tungsten is nearly twice as dense as lead, which means your weight is now about 50% smaller in size for the same weight as a lead sinker. This more compact size creates a more weedless/snagless profile, making it easier than ever to fish heavy cover like grass, weeds, rocks, laydowns, docks, and more. The increased density offered by tungsten over lead provides greater sensitivity, as the weight transmits more vibration up your line, allowing you to feel the bottom like never before. The higher density also creates greater sound when deflecting off of rocks, wood, and other cover, drawing fish in from further away and increasing the strike zone.

Harmony's Tungsten Worm Weights feature a smooth inner bore - eliminating line fray without the need for an insert, making them safe for use with all monofilament, flourocarbon, copolymer, and braided lines. The cupped rear design allows your hook eye to sit recessed into the back of the weight, protecting your line's knot and creating a more streamlined, weedless profile. Harmony's signature black oxide coating is a molecular color coating to the tungsten material itself, creating a rugged, durable matte black color that doesn't chip like other brand's painted weights.

Every pack of Harmony's Tungsten Flipping Weights include one set of ten (10) Weight Pegs. Weight Pegs can be quickly installed to peg your weight in place in texas rigs, carolina rigs, and other applications, making your rig more snag resistant than a free-sliding weight when fishing heavy cover like grass, weeds, laydowns, docks, and more.

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