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LX-SUNCX Paracord Handle for Hydro Flask 2.0 Wide Mouth Water Bottles(12 to

LX-SUNCX Paracord Handle for Hydro Flask 2.0 Wide Mouth Water Bottles(12 to

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CUSTOMIZE YOUR BOTTLE - Pick a colorful Handle and Boot for your bottle to brighten your adventure and bring passion to your life. Perfect for all sport and outdoor activities.

Our Para cord Handles offer various different colors to choose from, just what you've been waiting for - Personal colors you and each family member will love!

Why your para cord is the most essential accessories for your water bottle:

Purely hand-woven, good-looking and stylish. Adds a distinctive personality to your bottle.

Best Value Set: You will get 1 elite para cord Survival Strap Handle with 3-hole safety ring and carabiner, Compass, Whistle and Fire Lighter plus one Protective Silicone Boot Sleeve.

LX-SUNCX has strict requirements on product quality, each cord goes through a meticulous finishing process before it gets to you.

Proprietary rubber safety ring + aluminum alloy carabiner: Your para cord handle with a carabiner is easier to hang on a backpack, and you can drink water at any time while secure to prevent dropping or losing your bottle. Great for active people on-the-go: hikers, campers, walkers, athletes, students, even busy moms.

SAFETY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. The nylon para cord survival strap unravels into a solid and tight rope during emergencies. it can be extended into a 12 foot rote, which can be used for repairing gear, water rescues + much more.

PORTABLE TO CARRY Reusable, washable and foldable. Our handle and boot can withstand stretching, folding, and anything life throws at it.

What's included:

1x Para cord Handle(detachable + washable) with Safety Ring and Carabiner.

1x Soft Silicone Protective Boot

1x Installation instructions


Bottle NOT included

Only design for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottles.

Please choose the right size handle according to the size of your own hydro flask bottle.

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