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Seaknight Classic Braided Fishing Line, Abrasion Resistant Braided

Seaknight Classic Braided Fishing Line, Abrasion Resistant Braided

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Material: PE Fiber
Length: 327yds / 547yds
Test LB: 6LB 8LB 10LB 15LB 20LB 25LB 30LB 35LB 40LB 50LB 60LB 70LB 80LB
Suitable: Freshwater/Saltwater
Buoyancy Characteristic: Floating Fishing Line

1.SeaKnight ultra casting classic braided fishing line have adopted many anglers' recommendations and make it better for fishing.
2.Made of ultra-high strength PE, is thinner, stronger, smoother and more durable.
3.Extremely high strength-per-diameter: Special processes make it smooth and decrease the probability of "digging in" on reels.
4.Amazing sensitivity : As you know, the deep floating water always influences your judgement by pulling the line. The thinner and smoother braided line will do much better.
5.Better quality and lower price which can match with top performance. 5 Colors, 327 yard, 13 kinds of diameters. More choice for different fishing demands.

1.The light-colored line is suitable for clear water, while the dark-colored fishing line is better for turbid water.
E.g. Red lines in Muddy water can improve of fishing efficiency.
2.Different lines fit for different fish. The thinner and no streth braided line has smaller resistance in casting and water sinking which is better for longer casting.
3.To protect the line away from abrasion and improve the knot strength, please knot the line in right way.

Package Including:
1 x Classic Braided Fishing Line
1 x Original Box
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