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Table Tennis Ping Pong Paddle Set ,4 Wooden Paddles ,8 Balls And Carrying Bag

Table Tennis Ping Pong Paddle Set ,4 Wooden Paddles ,8 Balls And Carrying Bag

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Looking for a ping pong paddle set to get you started and that will last the test of time? There are so many options out there it can be a difficult choice.

BackyardAllStar is here to help you chose.

Our brand specializes in designing excellent products to get people of all ages active in their own homes and backyards. We offer simple, but powerful solutions with products that will fulfill every rookie's needs and will last them for years.

This ping pong paddle set is excellent for players just starting out or others who want to make an upgrade from their first racket set.

The carrying case is excellent for storing the set when its not in use and a place to keep those elusive ping pong balls from getting lost. The case also offers great protection for the paddles and will keep your recreation area clean and looking good when you're not using them.

The high quality paddles offer excellent wooden handles and a rubber face for a well balanced tool to crush your competition (or just enjoy a friendly match).

Our ping pong balls were of particular importance to us when making our product. We ensured they were high quality with an excellent bounce. It seems those ping pong balls always get away so we included 8 and a carrying case to try and keep them safe and keep you in the game.

We love this product because it can be easily used by players of all ages. Its a great bonding activity for the whole family from young children to parents and grandparents and of course for friends of all ages.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year manufacturers warranty for this product because we believe in its quality and we want you to too.

Support our current goal of 300 trees in 3 months to build better backyards across the country.

Now you can feel good and end your search by adding this exciting, new set to your cart!

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