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Ctrshif Gun Snake Cleaner Rifle 233 Gun Snake for Pistol Shotgun 9mm .22 .223

Ctrshif Gun Snake Cleaner Rifle 233 Gun Snake for Pistol Shotgun 9mm .22 .223

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Ctrshif Bore Gun-Snake combined all the advantages. This Bore Cleaner is easier to employ overall and there is much less risk of a risk of damaging your gun. You could quickly clean the bore from the chamber end as haven't to remove the lever and bolt. Our Bore Gun-Snake can be placed into the gun barrel from different angles, and pull out easily and quickly, its very convenient for you. Use the Bore Cleaner only on recommended calibers .

How to Use:

Step 1: Take your favorite gun cleaning solvent and spray it on the bronze bristles.

Step 2: Take the end of the Bore Gun-Snake with the brass weight and drop it down the barrel and guide it through until the bronze bristles and solvent make contact.

Step 3: Once you make contact with the brush section of the Bore Gun-Snake youll see that it starts giving you resistance.

Step 4: Pull the Bore Gun-Snake with as much or as little force is necessary. If youre Bore Gun-Snake is the same size caliber as the barrel then you may need to tug pretty hard to get it though.

Step 5: The main floss area behind the bronze brush comes out very easily and aids in removing the carbon that was just scraped off from the brush and solvent.

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