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THORIUM Multi-Layer Outdoor Slingshot Launcher Arborist Throw Weight Bag Pouch - Bright Green 12oz / 340g

THORIUM Multi-Layer Outdoor Slingshot Launcher Arborist Throw Weight Bag Pouch - Bright Green 12oz / 340g

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Thorium Slingshot Launcher Throw Weight - Your no-nonsense throw weight bag!

Thorium Throw Weights have a proven aerodynamic design to help increase your throw distance and accuracy.

Manufactured from highly visible green woven Cordura material. Each throw weight is permanently stitched and fitted with a Nickel Plated ring (20mm) to easily attach a throw line.

Double-layer construction gives the throw weight excellent longevity. Its streamlined shape facilitates passage through tree branches.

You can drop these throw bags from a height on a concrete floor and they wont burst open like some cheaper alternatives.

Never lose a throw weight again! The Neon Green throw weight will stand out against any background - leaves, sky, dirt, etc

Features of the Thorium Throw Weight:

- Reinforced Cordura material
- Double-layer construction
- Steel ring for attaching a rope or line
- Sleek, Aerodynamic design
- Bright contrasting colour for easy visibility

A simple tool with many functional uses:

- Perfect for using in the summer when out camping. Simply attach the Thorium Throw Weight to an extension cord with an outdoor light on one end, then toss it over a branch, raise the light up in the tree to give overhead light which also attracts the bugs away from you on the ground.
- Use the Thorium Throw Weights to clear dead branches and limbs off the roof of your house.
- Use it in low lying areas to run a hose under your deck, rather than crawling underneath.
- Easily raise your antenna up in a tree, to receive the perfect reception.
- The Thorium Throw Weights has enough weight to easily throw a rope 25ft up.
- Perfect for raising Christmas decorations into the trees and over branches.
- Use this to get a climbing rope over tree branches.

The Thorium Throw Weight will meet all your expectations!
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